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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sad Day Today

Sorry to report that we have lost one of the little kittens that I posted about on Thursday.

It is the little black one who, it was quickly obvious, was not thriving.
She was not feeding and so my daughter in law and oldest grandaughter have been feeding her by hand with kitten milk every two hours day and night in an attempt to save her.

She did take the food but unfortunately died this morning despite all their efforts. It seems there was  an underlying problem that was not immediately obvious and that she could not have survived whatever was done but at least we know she died being loved and cared for and didn't starve to death -  poor little thing.

I'm pleased to say that her two sisters and one little brother are all doing well so we must be grateful for that!


GoonerGirl said...

Aw Sorry to hear about the little kitty

Chris xx

xGemmax said...

awww thats soooo sad hunni but im glad to hear the rest of them are great!
hugs and xxx

pickle said...

Aww so sorry to hear that..how very sad
xx hugs xx

Fiona Keel said...

so sorry to hear this Yvonne, you all did s much as you could and your little kitten was dearly loved in its short life, hugs, Fi xx

sparklingblackrose said...

Aww, how sad, but you can feel comfort she was with loving people for her short life. Best wishes for her brothers and sisters, Elaine xxx

Teresa said...

Aww what a shame, I'm so sorry to hear that, good luck with all the brothers & sisters. xx

'The Crafting Owl' said...

So sorry to hear your news. The others look beautiful and you must be so pleased with them. xx

sue said...

so sorry,you must feel so sad.you & family done all that you could do.
sue xx