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Monday, 31 May 2010

This is the same Barbara Gray stamp used in a different way

This time I used apiece of A6 coated card which I spritzed with several different shades of alcohol ink. I used blending solution and a foam pad to move theink around until I liked the effect and then left it to dry.

I went round the edge of the card with distressed ink on a pice of foam to add shadow and depth and then used the swirl stamp with a black stazon ink pad.

Once it had dried I wiped the whole piece over with a versamark pad and used clear UTEE (Ultra Thich Embossing Enamel) and a heat gun. Idid this three times to create a thick coating which left the card looking like a tile.
This was then set onto an A5 card using double sided tape and finished with a simple peel off message. The edgesof the card were finisged witha gold Pen-touch caligraphy pen,

Hope you like it.
This A5 card was made using a relief stamping technique.

A piece of white card was cut, smaller than the A5 card and an oblong shape was masked off on this piece of card using low tack tape and then the swirl was stamped across the masked off area, using a versamark ink pad. The area was then brayerd using a Big and Juicy Spice ink pad and polished with a piece of kitchen roll to allow the swirl to show through. The tape was then removed and the rest of the swirl was stamped to connect up with the relief swirl, using a light green ink pad. Smaller swirls were added around the edge. The piece of card was edged with the light green pad - as were the edges of the main card and the smaller piece stuck in place with double sided tape.

The stamps used were Barbara Gray's large and small swirls from Clarity Stamps.