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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Done it!

I have finally managed to upload a new page for when I can  get into my craft room and find all the things I have planned to sell. I hope that when I  do there will be some of you who are interested in my wares!

I have had to re-arrange my blog a bit so that I could  set up a new page that everyone could see easily.

Hope everyone has had a good day - see you all soon.

How Frustrating!

Hi everyone

I have been trying to add a stand alone page to my blog so that I can use it to sell a few of my spare crafting items.

 Despite following the instructions on both the new interface and the old one - and watching their  video which goes at the speed of light several times - I can't do it!

I can follow the instructions, open a new page and write whatever I like on it but when it is published is simply appears as a new post on this homepage. I have seen a question in the Help section from someone who has the same problems but all the answers have offered her  is to look at the page of instructions on how to create a new page  - catch 22.

I'm not sure if it's me (and the other lady presumably)  being stupid ( very likely in my case) or if it simply isn't possible!

What's even more frustrating - the Docrafts Forum isn't working so I can't ask for help on there. Grrrrrr.

Perhaps I'd better do some housework. lol

Hope you are all having a better day than me.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Post This Year!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. This is because I haven't been doing very much in my craft room except wrapping Christmas presents and making a mess since long before Christmas.

 I felt I had to write something today as I have had a lot of visitors since I last posted, despite there being nothing new to see! Thanks for your visits and I am sorry!!! I have just added a flag counter and am really surprised to see I have had visitors from other countries - welcome and thanks for looking.

We have been doing some decorating recently and my craft room has been used as the repository for all the things that had to be moved/stored  while this was going on  - I haven't been able to see the desk for weeks. I am slowly getting back to normal and who knows - I may even get my enthusiasm for crafting back soon.

My enthusiasm for crafting took a bit of a nose dive when we lost our lovely cat Woody (see post below) in October. He was run over outside our house which is in a very quiet close so we didn't think anything like that would ever happen to our lovely cats as we are surrounded by woodland. He was very old and getting a bit senile so we think he must have got disorientated and walked behind a car without the driver realising as it was backed out. Anyway - it was awful as I didn't know it had happened until a neighbour called me and I had to get him to the vet to have him put to sleep which was the worst hour imaginable - and it has taken me ages to get over it.

Still - I have my other five lovely boys and girls to keep me busy so I thought I'd post their photos here to remind me of how lucky I still am.

 This is Willis - known as Willy  - who is the twin brother of Woody who died. He is now seventeen.
I had them colour coded as they were so alike. Woody had a blue collar and Willy a red one.
These two - yes there are two here - are Marmaduke and Orlando who are inseperable.
They are also twins and were born in July 2010. They are rather naughty!!!!
Below is a picture of one of their escapades - they were about 20 feet up this oak tree and had to be encouraged down by my poor husband balancing on a ladder.

This is Mummy Badger (she looked just like a badger when she was born with her black fur and white stripe) and her kitten Sox.  Badger  had four babies and the other three went to family and friends as I couldn't keep them all unfortunately - but  I still see them. They are not always as friendly with each other as this - being girls  they have the odd spat  - but they are very sweet when they do cuddle up. Badger was born in 2009 and her baby was born in 2010 (a teenage mother).

Hope you like the pictures - I promise the next post will be some more crafting!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.