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Thursday, 7 April 2011

First Attempts at Sheena Douglass's Paint Fusion Technique!

I've been wanting to have a go at this technique for ages and have had some Sheena Douglass stamps in my stash waiting for the day to come - but until today didn't have the time to spend.  I have really enjoyed the afternoon.

I can't pretend it's not a messy affair - at least for me it has been today but I hope as I get better at it I might make a little less mess.

I have made two cards - the first one I did, the Poppy card, I painted on a piece of Acrylic suitable paper and I think it worked quite well. I think it would have been better with a background but I was in too much of a hurry to get started. Then I realised I didn't have the right colour paints for the second card I wanted to make so went to my local craft shop and - Oh dear! There were lots of the Pebeo  Acrylics there that Sheena Douglass recommends so of course I had to buy some more pots  and then some mount board just fell into the basket too...............

So - for the second attempt, the Sweet Peas, I made a background on a piece of mount board using the method I saw in a Sheena Douglass demonstration.

I've posted them both below with some information about how they were made. I do hope you like them as I am feeling quite pleased with myself that I have managed to create something that looks a little like they are supposed to look. lol


I used some scarlet acrylic paint that I have had for ages mixed with some red Pebeo acrylic for one of the colours. I also used a yellow for the outer side of the brush to get the dual colours for the petels. I found it quite difficult to get the right technique but hope I'll get better with practice!

The leaves are done in Forest Green and Yellow Pebeo acrylic and the centres were made with a stencil brush using Forest Green, Yellow and Black.

I edged the paper with a black felt tip pen and mounted it straight on to a cream card.

Sweet Peas

This time I made a background on the mount board by first painting it with a dark blue acrylic paint.  When it was dry I made some vertical marks on it using a cotton bud and petroleum jelly. Then I painted it again with  Antique White acrylic paint and left it to dry again. As it dries the jelly acts as a resist and when it's completely dry I rubbed it with a tissue to make the distressed background. I thought it looked a bit like an old garden shed!

I didn't have a pink paint so tried painting the flowers a lilac blue with a soft yellow edge but when they dried I didn't like the effect at all, That's when I realised I could just paint over them again using different colours.

This time I made a pink by mixing the red and antique white and also used a white edge. Because this was painted over the blue and yellow  it ended up  a really interesting shade!

Sometimes mistakes are good. lol


Judi said...

Oh, WOW! Now I'm REALLY impressed! These are gorgeous Yvonne.

Sounds like maybe Pickwell did well today, or was it Hobbycraft, lol.


Judi x

GoonerGirl said...

They are beautiful not tried it myself so well done Chris xx

Irene said...

beautiful cards

sparklingblackrose said...

Stunning, well done :-) Elaine-xxx-

lizzies said...

Gorgeous, saw this technique being demonstrated at the NEC but I resisted.

'The Crafting Owl' said...

ooh I'd love to have a go at this. Looks like you had lots of fun playing.

Teresa said...

Both are so beautiful xx

Redrottie said...

beautifully done xxxxxxx

Flowergirl said...

Lovely! saw this yesterday at Ally Pally, great technique x

Nicola Anne said...

Excellent......... I saw Sheena doing this at the SECC and was impressed at how effective it was......... well done.

Fiona Keel said...

stunning cards Yvonne! the poppies are so vibrant and just love the distress technique behind the sweetpeas works so well, great cards, Fi from DC x

sue said...

gorgous,well done they are lovely.sue xx

smee73 said...

Beautiful. Love seeing this technique done. Fiona xx

Carolk said...

These are fab, Carolk x