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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Adding a script in Paint for watermarks

I saw a question on the DC Forum today about how to add a font for use in Paint when making a watermark for a card - which made me want to know the answer. I have seen lots of lovely fonts used to watermark other people's cards but didn'thave anything like them in my fonts folder - neither did I know how to add them.

I had a look on UTube and found the following tutorial:


I followed what it said and managed to download a script from the site they suggest. The font I chose is called Precious. I also learned how to add other fonts that I have saved at various times but not managed to add to my computer font folder!!

I am uploading an old card of mine which I used to try out my new font so you can see what I have managed to do today - thanks to JustAng who asked a question that I didn't even know I wanted to know the answer to. lol

I have used  black which shows up against the background  but of course it can be any colour you choose from the colour box.


Teresa said...

Oh wow!!! Well done Yvonne it looks brilliant. xx

Nicola Anne said...

Fab - I'll be having a go at this for sure. I had wondered how this was done. Thanks for the link.