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Thursday, 24 March 2011

My 'Grand kittens'

These four little kittens were born at 2.am on Wednesday morning to Lola who is the daughter of my cat Badger who is pictured in my sidebar with Lola's sister Sox who still lives with us.

Lola  is just under one year old now and lives with my daughter in law and  grandaughters. She is now a mother herself - which makes my Badger a Grandmother cat! 

I saw the babies today and they are just lovely! Needless to say I didn't get time to craft as I spent far too much time just watching them with their very proud little mother.


Lee said...

Hello,Moggilee from dc here.they are sooo gorgeous and cute.Do hope they will go to GOOD HOMES.Thanks for sharing, mummy does look so proud lol.xx

rosie said...

hello rosieposie here from dc.
gorgeous kittens. I want one!! LOL
how sweet are these. so adorable.

Judi said...

OMG! Can't you lot teach your cats to keep their legs crossed, lol.

Hope all is good with you?

Judi xxxxxxx

Fiona said...

Gorgeous kittens - sorry to hear about the little black one. x