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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Paint Fusion Christmas Candle

Tried my hand at painting a candle today using the paint fusion technique. Not too sure it has worked that well  but thought I'd put it on here anyway - as a record of my first attempt at painting a candle.

Can you spot the 'deliberate'  mistake? lol  I put the light spots on the berries and only after I had finished did I realise I'd had the candle upside down!!!!  
Oh well  - so it has been lit from below!

 Never mind - I'll keep this one on my craft room shelf and hope I can see my progress. I think I'm going to end up with a lot of candles on the shelf before I get one good enough to give away! lol

Hope you are all having a good weekend - I'm looking forward to my last week at work before I go on holiday on 31st!



CraftyLoops said...

This is really beautiful Yvonne, you did an amazing job. Lee x

ALI said...

Lovely, i keeping thinking i must have a go at this!

MissyG said...

You did a great job for your first attempt at this

Wendy said...

Beautiful candle, great 1st attempt.
Wendy xx

Wendy said...

Beautiful candle, great 1st attempt.
Wendy xx

Kathleen said...

great job - esp for a first attempt!!!
kathleen mc x

Heather said...

I think its fab x

Tracy xx said...

This is gorgeous
Tracy xx

Kelly M said...

Lovely x

Carrie said...

Absolutely fantastic first time! x