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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy Boot Sale Finds!

I dragged my poor husband to a boot sale today for the first time in ages. I was half hoping I'd find some storage for my craft room but couldn't have imagined how lucky I was going to be.

First I found two sets of shelf type compartments that were perect for stacking on the back of my desk to keep all the bits that I like to keep at hand. I thought the seller was using them just to display the items that he had for sale and was really surprised when he said he would sell them to me.

It was just starting to rain as I bought them so we went back to the car to put them in - as the rain had stopped by then we decided to go back in and then I found yet another wooden rack with twelve small square compartments which I thought would fit on a second desk I use to keep my paper cutters on.

I then bought twelve little plastic boxes with lids which would fit inside the holes and headed for home.

I've spent the rest of the day re-organising my craft room and trying to sort out what could go where.

I can't believe my luck as they are just perfect. I've taken a few pictures to show you what I have done with them. 

These are the compartments that I found first - they fit the desk perfectly.  They cover  the gap behind my desk where all sorts of thing used to drop down so they actually make the desktop a bit larger than before. When stacked on top of each other they  make ten  large square compartments - and there's still room to keep my MS punches and the desk light on top so now I actually have a bit of room on the desk to craft!  

This is the second find - I wish there had been two! I'm hoping my husband will be able to make me another one to go next to it as I could fill it twice over. I can even store my Cuttlebug and tiny sewing machine on top.

This is part of the other side of the room which has a large Ikea cabinet on the wall (not a boot sale find unfortunately)   - I can't believe I have filled it all and still need more space.

I paid £4 for the compartments on my desk and £1 for the other rack. The twelve  little boxes cost me £6 so I have done all this for just £11

I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the nearest boot sale - who knows what you might find.

I'm now absolutley exhausted - my craft room  has never looked so tidy but my husband says he doesn't hold out any hopes that it will last!
Do you think he's right???


Karen said...

Wow Yvonne your craft room looks fab and very tidy. I'm just waiting for my son to leave once again so I can have his room for my craft room. I will definitely be looking at car boots for finds like yours. What a brill idea. xx

maggie said...

you have a lovely craft room..wow great bargains and storage ideas..thanx for sharing :)

Catherine said...

Great finds, well done on tidying as well...

CraftyLoops said...

Wow Yvonne what fantastic storage, I love your craft room. Lee xx

coops said...

fantastic finds yvonne.your craft room looks fab and very tidy :D

xx coops xx

sandy's crafty bits said...

wow super finds and love your craft room ... ooo so tidy how ever can you find anything lol ... would love to come and play ... happy crafting love sandy xx

Cards by Alison said...

Wow Yvonne never thought of going to boot sales but guess where I will be heading when I have some money saved that is. I could do with having a good sort out as I can never find things when I want them. lovely craft area and it looks huge. Happy Crafting love Alison xxx

Yvonne said...

Not really that big - it's the smallest bedroom and only just about a double size with double wardrobes full of clothes that I ought to throw away.

It used to be my son's room and I know I'm lucky to have a whole room to myself - even if it means being cramped whenever anyone comes to stay. lol - no room for even the smallest bed in there now.

Thanks for all the lovely comments.

Wendy said...

Fabulous finds Yvonne,great craftroom and so tidy.
Wendy xx

Ruth said...

Super finds...your craft room looks to tidy to use now!!

Alizabethy said...

Total bargain and such a fab craft room

MissyG said...

Great bargains and great storage! Sure you can't create in a tidy space -it might be tidy when you start but by the time you're finished you'd think a bomb had hit it - if your anything like me that is lol

karen said...

Hi Yvonne, wow what a fab craft room, just popped over from the DC forum, Karenx

lizzies said...

Fabulous finds

Fiona Keel said...

Yvonne, you have a beautiful craftroom, I remember seeing it and just being amazed at how organised you are and how you used the space so well. what wonderful finds and absolute bargain prices. the units fit perfectly on your desk and as you say stop anything falling down behind it anymore. I'm sure it will stay tidy and organised, happy crafting, Fi x

Kathleen said...

these look great yvonne. great finds.
you'll have to go again now!! LOL!
kathleen mc x

Maureen said...

Looking good, what a great buy, well done.