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Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Youngest Babies are One Today

Marmaduke and Orlando my ginger twins are one year old today.

They are the youngest of our  six - yes - six cats. They were never meant to be living with us but the family who took them in originally decided they couldn't keep them so they came to us at ten weeks of age to join our already large enough cat  population. Now we wouldn't be without them but they are very naughty!

These pictures of them might show you why we love them.

They do everything together - even getting stuck up the tree in the garden.


Jessica said...

Ahhhhhh - what a beautiful pair they are. Angels the both of them I'm sure. Jxx

Teresa said...

They are beautiful cats Yvonne xx

pickle said...

And beautiful babies they are too :)

Lee said...

heeee heeee they are soooo gorgeous.xx

coops said...

aw they are gorgeous yvonne.i love cats ;D

xx coops xx

sue said...

gorgous,they look full of mischief sue xx