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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Just a very few more of my 600 photos from Egypt.

 Abu Simbel - cut into the rock - absolutely breathtaking. We had to drive over three and a half hours into the Sahara desert to visit this - well worth the drive and the heat. It was moved several years ago (the move took years to complete) and re-built in a higher spot to prevent it being covered by water when they created the Aswan High Dam.
Franco and me  outside the temple at  Edfu.
 A Sphinx in Memphis.
 Karnak Temple in Luxor
 The Step Pyramids in Memphis - older even than the Great Pyramids.
 The Aswan High Dam - taken from above.
Salahadin's Citadel outside Cairo

We weren't able to photograph in  the Valley of the Kings or the Valley of the Queens which was very sad but we have lots of postcards to remind us of what we saw there.
Hope you like this small selection.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm Back!

We got back from Egypt on Thursday morning after a long 22 hour trip. The plane was delayed so we spent a long time in Luxor airport waiting to come home and were very tired when we finally got back.

 It was a wonderful holiday and I can't recommend Egypt enough!
We were so well looked after by the agents and all the staff on the boat and in the hotels and although things in Egypt are very difficult for the Egyptians they made sure that we had a fantastic time. There are usually around 400 boats on the Nile at this time of the year but at the moment there are only about 20 working because people are frightened to travel there due to the revolution and have either not booked or have cancelled their holidays.

So many people have lost their jobs because the tourist industry is such a big area of employment for  them and it  is such a shame because it's still a really wonderful place to go.

Just to prove I was there,  here are a few photos.

 Luxor Temple  - the avenue of the Sphinx
 Party night on board the Nile boat. We entered into the spirit of the Egyptian evening.
 Finally at the Pyramids - it was 45 degrees on  this day - and most others too.

Sunset over the Nile - taken from our cabin.

I haven't even opened my craft room door since I got back! Hope I'll soon get crafting again.